Just beyond our dreams is the truth which is an inner knowing, a calling from within. A life’s odyssey brought the discovery of the jewels of truth where the impossible becomes possible. An unwavering faith came to expose these precious gems to all in the deepest hope of enlightening, touching, and inspiring others to find their truth.
Just Beyond Dreams serves the purpose of illuminating majesty, peace, and truth.
Throughout the history of man, a legend has been told of a firebird, the phoenix, with the ability to be consumed in flames only then to rise from its own ashes. This mythical creature is found in an array of cultures and throughout the ages of time. For Just Beyond Dreams, the phoenix symbolizes majesty, while the dove is a renowned symbol of peace. Can you encompass the humility of majesty with the power of peace and merge the two creatures into one? In Divine’s truth you can. The pomegranate comes to symbolize this truth. The outer shell of this fruit is an illusory exterior to the beauty of the core which exposes shimmering red seeds that bear a resemblance to crimson jewels. This trinity is the emblem behind the purpose of Just Beyond Dreams.
The gifts provided will cultivate seeds of truth and allow harmony to flourish in one’s mind, body, and soul. By entering this arena, you will find sanctuary to bring forth life’s true purpose. The mind and soul will awaken through the generation of truth.
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