Purpose: To Illuminate Majesty Peace and Truth

In the maze of life lies the truth. It is an inner knowing —a calling from within—which is beyond us, but also within us. Some call it fate or destiny, while we have come to deeply know it as truth. Each individual holds the key to unlocking truth’s doorway.

“You enter the story through words, but you are actually witnessing one’s
soul to another. It begins to unravel with two childhood friends and the
reality of what dreams reveal.”

“From tiny detail and storytelling to the bigger picture, Jasmine weaves
this great transformation and allows one to see that there is this
existence, this energy. You are not just reading, not simply being
inspired, something deeper happens, a transformation takes place.”

“From details and story line to expanding awareness of a powerful existence
and energy to our own selves, the reader is propelled to come to terms with
his or her own idea of fear.”

“Thumbs way way UP for this experience unlike any I have encountered thus
far! A must read for those searching for answers for what is within, as
well as external.”

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